Irving Berlin

Irving Berlin; The Songs

Episode 2

Episode date - May 23, 2008

How Music Changed

    In 'Part 1' we covered a few of the biographical highlights (and low points) of Irving Berlin’s life, as well a few of his most popular hits, with the emphasis on his seasonal and/or patriotic material.

    In this show, 'Part 2', we intend to let the music do the talking by presenting the songs of Irving Berlin that have best withstood the test of time. These songs are the very essence of why Irving Berlin is considered to be one of the most successful and popular songwriters in the past 100 years.

    Here’s a list of songs and performers featured in this show;

    1) Isn’t This a Lovely Day - Hildegarde

    2) Change Partners – Fred Astaire

    3) Get Thee Behind Me Satan – Ella Fitzgerald

    4) Marie – Tommy Dorsey

    5) Heat Wave – Marilyn Monroe

    6) Putting on the Ritz – Taco

    7) Putting on the Ritz – Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle

    8) All My Eggs in One Basket – Ella and Louis

    9) Steppin’ Out with My Baby – Tony Bennett

    10) How Deep Is the Ocean – Peggy Lee w/ Benny Goodman Orchestra

    11) I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm – Billie Holiday

    12) Always – Caetano Veloso

    13) Cheek to Cheek – Ella and Louis