A Special Tribute

A Special Tribute

Remembering Alex Chilton

Episode date - March 31, 2010


    While I l love a great deal of the music of Alex Chilton, I find it difficult to talk about it with any sense of authority.

    I even got to meet Alex a few times (unwittingly), but that experience did nothing to help clarify my thoughts, or to provide any sense of perspective. I guess I just ought to let it be said that Alex Chilton provided some of the musical high points of my life, while remaining one of the most mercurial – and often frustrating – musicians of his era. I was saddened to hear that he had passed away suddenly on March 17, 2010, but Heidy took it personally, as she knew Alex socially.

    This show is dedicated to a few highlights from his career, including;

    The Letter – The Box Tops

    Cry Like a Baby – The Box Tops

    The Ballad of El Goodo – Big Star

    Thirteen – Big Star

    O My Soul – Big Star

    Back of a Car – Big Star

    September Gurls – Big Star

    I’m In Love with a Girl – Big Star

    Thank You Friends – Big Star

    Holocaust – Big Star

    Make a Little Love – Big Star