Allen Toussaint

Fare Thee Well

R.I.P. Allen Toussaint

Episode date - November 11, 2015


    Allen Toussaint is gone, and I am brokenhearted. I have pictures of us together somewhere, but I don't need to dig them out to remember the man. Besides being the true ambassador of New Orleans, he was also an impeccable gentlemen and incredibly accessible. I met him on a number of occasions - but never saw him without a suit and tie.

    One short story - on the day I married Heidy, he played at Jazz Fest with Elvis Costello. The show ended around 5 PM, and I made my way to the exit to get ready for the impending event. As I'm walking just outside the fairgrounds, a gold Rolls Royce pulls up next to me and the passenger window rolls down. Allen, sitting in the driver's seat, leans over to ask me if I saw his performance, and when I acknowledged that I had, he asked me if I thought it went well....I am STILL dumbfounded by that. 3 hours later, Heidy and I were married. 10 years later, I am crushed to hear of his passing.

    Tracks featured in this program include;

    1) Working in a Coal Mine

    2) Fortune Teller

    3) Mother-In-Law

    4) Ride Your Pony

    5) Lipstick Traces

    6) Ruler of My Heart

    7) It’s Raining

    8) All These Things

    9) Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley

    10) Whipped Cream

    11) Java

    12) Southern Nights

    13) From a Whisper to a Scream

    14) A Certain Girl

    15) On Your Way Down

    16) What Do You Want the Girl to Do

    17) Hercules

    18) Yes We Can Can

    19) What Is Success?

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