Mickey Hart

Mickey Hart: World Music

Solo Efforts

Episode date - May 9, 2008


    Most people are familiar with Mickey Hart through his association with the Grateful Dead, where he served as part of their rhythm section, along with drummer Bill Kreutzman. He has paralleled his career with the Dead by releasing an interesting and varied series of solo projects.

    For over a quarter-century, Mickey Hart has been sharing his enthusiasm and obsession with percussion through various recordings and published works. In the process, he has grown to become an acknowledged leader in the field of ‘world music’, a genre that didn’t even exist when he started to release his solo work. This show is intended to point out a few highlights from his various projects.

    It may be of interest to know that Shout! Factory Records has recently re-released six key disks of Mickey Hart’s work. This show features excerpts from those CD’s, as follows;

    1) Happiness Is Drumming – from 'Diga Rhythm Band'

    2) Razooli – from 'Diga Rhythm Band'

    3) Slow Sailing – from 'At the Edge'

    4) Udu Chant – from 'Planet Drum'

    5) The Hunt – from 'Planet Drum'

    6) Iyanu – from 'Planet Drum'

    7) Where Love Goes (Sito) – from 'Mickey Hart’s Mystery Box'

    8) Angola – from 'Supralingua'

    9) Tall Grass – from 'Supralingua'

    10) Baba – from 'Global Drum Project'

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