WHPC 90.3

WHPC 90.3 FM Fundraiser

March 23, 2022

Episode date - March 23, 2022


    Once a year, our community college radio station asks us to dedicate one show to a fundraiser. The purpose is to raise money so we can buy equipment for the station, keeping us up to date, while providing the students with a great learning environment using equipment that they would be using if they take a position in media.

    This is also our way of gaging support from our listeners. Are we talking down a hole, or do we have a listener who appreciates what we do, and would be willing to ‘click the button’ and raise money that will show support for Heidy and myself, while doing something positive for public radio.

    Can you consider a donation to support American Hit Radio? Remember, ALL funds go directly to WHPC at Nassau Community College, and those funds are used directly for maintaining the station as a workable, contemporary environment.  Thanks - CLICK HERE!