Creedence Clearwater Revival - Willie and The Poor Boys

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Willie and The Poor Boys

Album #87 - November 1969

Episode date - June 27, 2018

The Top 500 of The Top 40

    In November 1969, Creedence Clearwater Revival released their fourth album in less than a year and a-half. Rather amazingly, it was their third album release of 1969. Up to this point, they already enjoyed five top forty singles, and they were recognized as perhaps the single most successful rock and roll band of their era.

    “Willy and the Poor Boys” cemented that reputation with another stellar collection of straightforward, roots-based songs that shook off the psychedelic stereotype that defined the era. At the same time, songwriter/singer/guitarist John Fogerty also felt confident enough to allow his songs to take on a political stance, resulting in the band’s most powerful collections of songs to date. As the decade ended, Fogerty and Co. seemed poised to take over the world.

    Featured tracks include;

    Down on the Corner

    It Came Out of the Sky

    Cotton Fields

    Poorboy Shuffle

    Feelin’ Blue

    Fortunate Son

    Don’t Look Now (It Ain’t You or Me)

    Midnight Special

    Side o’ the Road


    Down on the Corner (live w/ Booker T.)

    November 1969 – Billboard Charted #3

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