The Doors: Morrison Hotel

The Doors: Morrison Hotel

Album #88 - February 1970

Episode date - April 3, 2019

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    Before the release of “Morrison Hotel”, a lot of serious Doors fans were probably starting to worry that the band was growing soft.

    Their previous album even took the title “The Soft Parade”, and featured pop arrangements with horn sections and unfocused lyrics that were light on the bluesy edge that drove the band’s best material. In the news, the ‘Lizard King’ was more outrageous than ever (allegedly exposing himself during a drunken performance in Florida), but the music on that album almost seemed to apologize for Morrison’s rudeness.

    That perception changed instantly with the release of “Morrison Hotel”. Throwing off the tepid impression of their previous disc, the band roared back to life with enough attitude to eclipse every other South California band combined. Here, the band is back in top form, kicking in the teeth of the establishment denizens who tried to destroy their mojo, and they didn’t need a hit single to do it.

    Featured tracks include:

    Roadhouse Blues

    Waiting For the Sun

    You Make Me Real

    Peace Frog

    Blue Sunday

    Ship of Fools

    Land Ho!

    The Spy

    Queen of the Highway

    Indian Summer

    Maggie M’Gill

    February 1970 - Billboard Charted #4

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