Blind Lemon Jefferson

Birth of Texas Blues

Episode 1

Episode date - July 26, 2013

How Music Changed

    In Blues parlance, acoustic blues is simply another way to say ‘really, really old blues’. Texas has played a huge role in the development of blues music, second (perhaps) only to Chicago.

    The story of Texas Blues starts in the mid-twenties, with the sudden appearance and meteoric rise of Blind Lemon Jefferson. In actuality, Jefferson was releasing hit recordings before Charley Patton ever entered a recording studio – the only reason we covered Patton before Jefferson is that Patton conveys a direct link to the Mississippi Delta birthplace of the genre. Jefferson, though, can be credited as the first solo artist to enjoy popularity as a blues artist, and ultimately, his influence on popular culture was monumental.

    Songs featured in this program include;

    Deep Elem – Hank Thompson

    All I Want Is Pure Religion – Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Booster Blues – Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Dry Southern Blues – Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Got the Blues – Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Long Lonesome Blues – Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Corinna Blues – Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Jack O’Diamond Blues – Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Black Snake Moan – Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Black Snake Blues – Victoria Spivey

    Take a Whiff on Me – Lead Belly

    Match Box Blues – Lead Belly

    See That My Grave Is Kept Clean – Lead Belly