Mance Lipscomb

Birth of Texas Blues: The Lesser Knowns

Episode 2

Episode date - August 2, 2013

How Music Changed

    While it may be true that the blues form was ‘born and raised’ in the Mississippi Delta, then ‘grew to maturity’ on the streets of Chicago, it did an awful lot of traveling in its lifetime.

    Texas developed its own brand of blues music, mostly because of the pioneers who put Texas Blues on the musical map. This show is dedicated to some of the lesser-known players who helped develop a musical form that would influence virtually everything blues-related that came afterward.

    Featured songs include;

    ‘Lectric Chair Blues – Blind Lemon Jefferson

    That Crawlin’ Baby Blues -Blind Lemon Jefferson

    Careless Love – Mance Lipscomb

    Casey Jones- Mance Lipscomb

    Johnny Take a One on Me – Mance Lipscomb

    Rocks and Gravel Makes a Solid Road – Mance Lipscomb

    When Death Comes Creeping – Mance Lipscomb

    Fishing Blues – Henry Thomas

    Old Country Stomp – Henry Thomas

    Honey, Won’t You Allow Me One More Chance – Henry Thomas

    Section Gang Blues – Texas Alexander

    The Risin’ Sun – Texas Alexander

    See That My Grave Is Kept Clean – Blind Lemon Jefferson