Aaron Copeland

Serious Music in America: Featuring Edward McDowell, Aaron Copeland and Igor Stravinsky


Episode date - March 21, 2008

How Music Changed

    This show covers the development of ‘serious’ music, focusing mostly on its implementation in America, and it’s a bit more complicated than many of our shows. Perhaps that is because we try to cram a LOT of information into one short hour. Most serious music pieces are long (by definition), which only adds to the difficulty of covering a time period of approximately fifty years in approximately fifty minutes! Nevertheless, we hope that we can at least convey some sense of development, while perhaps ‘turning on’ our audience to composers they may have otherwise overlooked.

    Here’s a list of musical pieces covered in today’s program;

    1) To a Wild Rose – Edward McDowell

    2) New England Holidays – The 4th of July – Charles Ives

    3) Firebird Suite (excerpt) – Igor Stravinsky

    4) Le Sacre du Printemps Part 1 (excerpt) – Igor Stravinsky

    5) Le Sacre du Printemps Part 2 (excerpt) – Igor Stravinsky

    6) Hoe-Down – Aaron Copland

    7) Fanfare for the Common Man – Aaron Copland

    8) Appalachian Spring (excerpt) – Aaron Copland

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