Al Jolson

The Birth of American Pop Music

Episode 1

Episode date - October 27, 2006

How Music Changed

    With this show, we explain just how the American ‘Popular Music’ form fell into place.  

    BE FOREWARNED! Some of the language on these songs is thoroughly inappropriate by today's standards. We believe that an ACCURATE portrayal of history is necessary if we are to learn anything from it, though, so we present these songs with no editing.

    The most significant characteristics that caused American popular music to develop as it did are both social and technical. Socially, race relations were a major factor. African Americans played a huge role in America’s cultural development, but until the onset of jazz music, America remained in denial of this fact. Technically, the newfound ability to distribute recorded sound caused an entire industry to develop. Songs were required for distribution, and facets from all three of our previous shows provided source material for the recording industry. So, give us one hour and we will do our absolute best to explain just how the America’s popular music came into being.

    Here’s a list of songs featured in this program;

    Jump Jim Crow – Michelle Shocked
    The Washington Post March – United States Marine Band
    The Laughing Song – George Washington Johnson
    Reuben Haskin’s Ride on a Cyclone Auto – Len Spencer and Harry Spencer
    The Preacher and the Bear – Arthur Collins
    Samuel – Bert Williams
    Nobody – Bert Williams
    Let’s Take an Old-Fashioned Walk – Ada Jones and Billy Murray
    On the 5:15 – The American Quartet with Billy Murray
    Yankee Doodle Boy - Billy Murray (a George M. Cohan song)
    Swanee – Al Jolson (a George Gershwin song)
    April Showers – Al Jolson
    Are You Lonesome Tonight? – Al Jolson

    For further reference, check out the following

    Semper Fidelis - John Philip Sousa & the U.S. Marine Band
    Stars and Stripes Forever – Sousa’s Band
    The Thunderer - United States Marine Band
    The Liberty Bell – The U.S. Marine Band
    On the Banks of the Wabash – George Gaskin
    Arkansaw Traveler – Len Spencer
    If I'm Going to Die, I'm Going to Have Some Fun – Arthur Collins
    Everybody Wants a Key to My Cellar – Bert Williams
    Eve Cost Adam Just One Bone – Bert Williams
    When the Moon Shines on the Moonshine – Bert Williams
    King of the Bungaloos – Gene Greene
    Shine On Harvest Moon – Ada Jones and Billy Murray 13) Give My Regards to Broadway – Billy Murray (written by George M. Cohan)
    Take Your Girly to the Movies – Billy Murray
    Waiting for the Robert E. Lee – Billy Murray
    Casey Jones – The American Quartet with Billy Murray (edit)
    Over There – Billy Murray
    Over There – Nora Bayes
    How You Gonna Keep ‘Em Down on the Farm – Nora Bayes
    You Made Me Love You – Al Jolson
    Hello Central, Give Me No Man’s Land – Al Jolson
    I’ve Got My Captain Working For Me Now – Al Jolson
    Toot Toot Tootsie – Al Jolson
    Mr. Radio Man – Al Jolson
    My Mammy – Al Jolson (edit)
    I’m Sitting On Top of the World – Al Jolson
    Casey Jones – The Grateful Dead
    Casey Jones – Mississippi John Hurt
    Arkansas Traveler – Michelle Shocked