The Golden Age of Jazz: Beiderbecke & Trumbauer

The Golden Age of Jazz: Beiderbecke & Trumbauer

Episode 3

Episode date - June 4, 2010

How Music Changed

    Our third part in this series dedicated to the music of Bix Biederbecke and Frank Trumbauer captures our subjects at the absolute peak of their powers.

    The second half of 1927 had the pair recording a few masterpieces, in between a series of shows that helped to build their reputation. It was a short-lived phase, but a few of the highlights were glorious. Songs from today’s show include;

    1) I’m Coming Virginia

    2) Way Down Yonder in New Orleans

    3) For No Reason At All in C

    4) Blue River

    5) In a Mist

    6) Clementine (from New Orleans)

    7) Krazy Kat

    8) At the Jazz Band Ball

    9) Sorry

    10) Washboard Blues

    11) Changes

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