Cole Porter

The Songs of Cole Porter: Highlights from his Oeuvre

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Episode date - July 27, 2018

How Music Changed

    Throughout the long and varied history of American music, few, if any, songwriters have been more influential than Cole Porter, or as celebrated. His songs set the standard for an era now defined as the time of “The Great American Songbook.” When theater, radio and film demanded quality material for a voracious audience, Porter provided the goods, writing songs with élan and social grace that typified America’s aspirations.

    For this series, we decided to do something a bit different. Rather than present the material in strict chronological order, it seemed fitting to present Porter’s songs in a somewhat random manner, so we are going to feature highlights from his oeuvre, in alphabetical order. By removing the songs from a strict timeline, we hope that this will put emphasis on the lasting power of his songwriting, while also providing some variety.

    Featured songs include;

    Ace in the Hole – Ella Fitzgerald

    After You, Who? – Dorothy Loudon

    All of You – Ella Fitzgerald

    All of You – Miles Davis

    All Through the Night – Mary Martin

    Always True to You in My Fashion – Lisa Kirk

    Anything Goes – Cole Porter

    Anything Goes – Frank Sinatra

    At Long Last Love – Bobby Short

    Be a Clown – Judy Garland and Gene Kelly

    Begin the Beguine – Artie Shaw & His Orchestra

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