George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

George Harrison: All Things Must Pass (Part 1)

Album #118 - November 1970

Episode date - June 19, 2019

The Top 500 of The Top 40

    Even all these years later, I can still remember the ambivalent feeling of knowing that the Beatles had disbanded. The thought of there being no more Lennon/McCartney compositions was bad enough, and 1970 left me with a sense of uncertainty about the future of music.

    Having grown up with the Beatles providing the soundtrack to my life, I remember a feeling that was something like a vacuum, knowing that they could never be replaced. The only consolation I could expect was that there would be more music coming from each of them, but John’s experimental releases and McCartney’s first effort left me more than a bit wary of what we were in for.

    As ‘Beatle’ George never had more than two songs per album, I expected that he’s eke out on album every five years or so. I never could have imagined a triple album. Who could? The only problem was that I couldn’t afford to buy the damn thing, so I gobbled the singles, which were awesome. Years later, I finally obtained my own copy, and I still treasure it. This show represents Part One in a two-part series.

    Featured tracks include:

    Thanks for the Pepperoni

    I’d Have You Anytime

    My Sweet Lord


    Isn’t It a Pity (version one)

    What Is Life

    If Not For You

    Behind That Locked Door

    Let It Down

    Run of the Mill

    I Remember Jeep (edited)

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