Neil Young - After The Gold Rush

Neil Young: After The Gold Rush

Album #103 - August 1970

Episode date - April 13, 2019

The Top 500 of The Top 40

    After the release of CSNY’s “Déjà vu” album, it quickly became obvious that the four members were writing more songs than the group could ever be expected to handle, so the four members all set off on creating solo albums.

    Each was quite good, meeting the expectations of fans, but Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush” was an instant classic among classics. Crosby, Stills and Nash each debuted as a solo artist in the Summer of 1970, but Neil Young already had two albums under his belt. In this case, third time most certainly was the charm, as this remains one of the best-loved albums in Young’s entire career.

    Songs vary from direct (“When You Dance I Can Really Love”, “Southern Man”) to mysterious and evocative (“After the Gold Rush”, “Birds”), but they all seem to work brilliantly on their own terms.

    Featured tracks include:

    Tell Me Why

    After the Gold Rush

    Only Love Can Break Your Heart

    Southern Man

    Till the Morning Comes

    Oh, Lonesome Me

    Don’t Let It Bring You Down


    When You Dance I Can Really Love

    I Believe In You

    Cripple Creek Ferry

    August 1970 – Billboard Charted #8

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