Paul McCartney - McCartney

Paul McCartney: McCartney

Album #92 - April 1970

Episode date - October 17, 2018

The Top 500 of The Top 40

    Nothing indicated the end of the Beatles quite as bluntly as the release of this album, and perhaps for that very reason, I hated it. However, that wasn’t the only reason.

    Keep in mind that in 1970, the last music that we heard from Paul McCartney was “Abbey Road”, one of the most pristinely produced albums of all time. On its heels, we heard about the Beatles breakup, and then Paul releases this collection of half-baked casual slop. It was stunning mostly for what it wasn’t, meaning ‘good’. How could Paul, a Beatle, maybe THE  Beatle most responsible for their quality control, release this crap? At the time, I felt that the only song on the entire album that I could even imagine on a Beatles record was “Maybe I’m Amazed”. As for the rest of it, it only served as a dismal, depressing reminder that ‘the dream is over’.

    How ironic is it, then, that nearly fifty years later, I can look back on McCartney’s entire solo career and find this album to be in his top five all-time best solo releases? Heard from today’s perspective, away from all the emotional weight brought on by their bitter breakup, this album has a charm all its own, and rates as one of the more important/interesting solo albums from any Beatle. So, here it is.

    The Lovely Linda

    That Would Be Something

    Valentine Day

    Every Night

    Hot as Sun/Glasses


    Man We Was Lonely

    Oo You

    Momma Miss America

    Teddy Boy

    Singalong Junk

    Maybe I’m Amazed

    Kreen - Akrore

    April 1970  - Billboard Charted #1

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