Rolling Stones - Little Queenie

Birth of The Rolling Stones

Episode 1

Episode date - August 9, 2013

How Music Changed

    While America was looking the other way, ignoring the cultural divide that separated Black culture from the white suburban ideal we saw on television, England had developed a different perspective. They romanticized America, and idealized aspects of a culture that we took for granted and, to be honest, looked down on.

    Middle America ignored the music that it invented, but British youth, born on the tail end of a miserable war experience, looked outward for inspiration. At first, it was American jazz that provided inspiration, which eventually somehow morphed into a love for American blues, or R&B. The Rolling Stones were among the first British kids to fall under the spell of this impossibly exotic music.

    This show covers their earliest, crude attempts at absorbing and emulating that music. It eventually created a condition wherein American blues was virtually reborn in an overseas culture, practiced by a bunch of kids who barely understood what it was that they loved. Herein lies the beginning of the story of the Rolling Stones.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) On Your Way to School

    2) Johnny B Goode

    3) Little Queenie

    4) Beautiful Delilah

    5) You Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

    6) I Want to Be Loved

    7) Road Runner

    8) Diddley Daddy

    9) Baby What’s Wrong

    10) Bright Lights Big City

    11) Come On (1st version)

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