Hot Pants - James Brown

James Brown, Godfather of Soul

Episode 6

Episode date - April 29, 2008

How Music Changed

    Our final show on the legacy of James Brown picks up in the early ‘70s and covers more years than all previous five shows combined.

    The reasons for this are simple. The ‘disco’ years were not kind to someone as gritty and funky as James Brown, and his legal entanglements further distracted him from what did best.

    Nevertheless, there are quite a few highlights for us to cover, including;

    1) Brother Rapp/ Ain’t It Funky Now

    2) Hot Pants

    3) I’m a Greedy Man

    4) King Heroin

    5) Get On the Good Foot

    6) Doing It to Death

    7) Papa Don’t Take No Mess

    8) Soul Power

    9) Fame (David Bowie)

    10) Hot (I Need to Be Loved)

    11) Unity - The Third Coming

    Channel 136 - James Brown