Make It Funky - James Brown

James Brown Perfects 'The Funk'

Episode 5

Episode date - April 30, 2008

How Music Changed

    This represents our 5th show dedicated to the music of James Brown, and for this hour, we can keep things fairly simple. Around this time in his career, James Brown just kept getting funkier and funkier, which would seem near impossible, considering how funky he already was.

    There was not another human being on the planet Earth who was wound up as tight as James Brown. There still isn’t, and there probably never will be again. No doubt about it, James Brown was a wunder-kind, and today’s show proves just how far he was capable of going.

    Here’s a list of featured songs from this program;

    1) Give It Up or Turn It Loose

    2) Mother Popcorn

    3) Funky Drummer

    4) Funky Drummer (Bonus Beat Reprise)

    5) Get Up I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine

    6) Super Bad

    7) Talkin’ Loud and Sayin’ Nothing

    8) Make It Funky

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