Jimmie Rodgers

Jimmie Rodgers :“The Father of Country Music”

Episode 1

Episode date - August 20, 2014

How Music Changed

    Jimmie Rodgers has been dubbed “The Father of Country Music”, and the accolade fits perfectly. Before him, ‘hillbilly’ music was something looked down on by the populace, treated with scorn or, at best, humor.

    Rodgers changed all that. Almost completely through the force of his own will, he made music that crossed over to popular culture, and he made it look easy, but it wasn’t.

    For part one in our series covering the music and times of Jimmie Rodgers, we focus on his development, filing in some of the gaps with cover tracks by contemporary artists who owe him a debt.

    Featured tracks include;

    Honeycomb (edit) – Jimmie F. Rodgers (aka the OTHER…)

    Kisses Sweeter Than Wine – Jimmie F. Rodgers (aka the OTHER…)

    Wreck of the Old 97 – Vernon Dalhartv

    Little Old Cabin in the Lane – Fiddlin’ John Carson

    Sleep Baby Sleep – Jimmie Rodgers

    Away Out on a Mountain – Jimmie Rodgers

    T for Texas – Jimmie Rodgers

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