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Louis Armstrong: Hot and Sweet

Episode 5

Episode date - November 27, 2009

How Music Changed

    Our fifth episode of ‘How Music Changed’ dedicated to the music of Louis Armstrong covers a very important era in his musical development.

    Louis’ experience had already brought him far and wide, from New Orleans and the Mississippi River excursions, to Chicago, New York City, and back to Chicago. Besides hearing all sorts of sophisticated (or ‘sweet’) band music, he couldn’t help but notice how the ‘hot’ bands were attracting most of the attention.

    By 1926, the wheels were turning in a way that would allow Louis to inextricably combine the two strains, demanding sophistication from the ‘hot’ players, while making it virtually essential for all musicians to ad lib around the central theme. Within these recordings lies the birth of the “Swing’ era, and the key to virtually all contemporary music.

    Titles covered include;

    Don’t Forget to Mess Around

    King of the Zulus


    Big Butter and Egg Man

    Irish Black Bottom

    I’m Goin’ Huntin’ – Jimmy Bertrand’s Washboard Wizards

    Wild Man Blues – Johnny Dodds’ Black Bottom Stompers

    Wild Man Blues – Louis Armstrong’s Hot Seven

    Chicago Breakdown – Louis Armstrong and his Stompers

    Potato Head Blues

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