Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong: Satchmo's Contemporaries

Episode 1

Episode date - October 30, 2009

How Music Changed

    This show is somewhat intimidating for us. Setting out to convey the essence of the single most important musician of the 20th century is no easy task, but I must admit that doing research has been a blast.

    I have always appreciated the music of Louis Armstrong, but studying his life and the way that it affected his own sensibilities has added depth to my own understanding of the man, and that is exactly what we hope to convey as we wind our way through the various phases of Louis Armstrong’s rather incredible life. It’s a Herculean task, but we look forward to it.

    Naturally, we start our coverage with the earliest years of his life, covering the time period before he actually did any recording at all. For that reason, the music for today’s show is not in any chronological sequence. Rather, it is intended to convey some aspect of the information that we cover. For those very same reasons, not every track features Louis Armstrong.

    Songs include

    1) When It’s Sleepy Time Down South

    2) Louis Armstrong Monologue

    3) Muskrat Ramble

    4) Mahogany Hall Stomp

    5) Workingman’s Blues (King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band)

    6) Make Me a Pallet On Your Floor – Bunk Johnson’s Street Paraders

    7) Coal Cart Blues

    8) Sister Kate – (Kid Ory)

    9) Black Rag – (Original Tuxedo Jazz Band)

    10) Frankie and Johnny – (Fate Marable’s Society Syncopators)

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