Me and My Chauffeur Blues – Memphis Minnie

Memphis Blues: Beale St. - Memphis Minnie and Bukka White

Episode 5

Episode date - July 21, 2023

How Music Changed

    For the last show in our series on Memphis and Beale Street at its prime, we focus on two distinctly different artists who spent only a portion of their careers in Memphis, but nevertheless represent the area.

    Memphis Minnie and Bukka White are both legendary performers who lived and recorded in numerous locales but nevertheless are still strongly associated with the city that made both of them famous.

    Featured tracks include:

    Moanin’ the Blues – Memphis Minnie

    Broken Heart – Memphis Minnie

    When the Levee Breaks – Led Zeppelin

    When the Levee Breaks – Memphis Minnie and Kansas City Joe

    Where Is My Good Man At – Memphis Minnie

    Banana Man Blues – Memphis Minnie

    Me and My Chauffeur Blues – Memphis Minnie

    I Want to Be Your Driver – Chuck Berry

    Killer Diller Blues – Memphis Minnie

    Kissing in the Dark – Memphis Minnie

    Parchman Farm Blues – Bukka White

    Shake ‘em on Down – Bukka White

    Sic ‘em Dogs On – Bukka White

    Fixin’ to Die Blues – Bukka White

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