Frank Stokes' Dream - The Memphis Blues 1927-1931

Memphis Blues: Beale Street - Meet Frank Stokes and Furry Lewis

Episode 3

Episode date - July 7, 2023

How Music Changed

    Our third segment on Memphis Blues is a bit ambitious, not only because we want to introduce you to two very important Memphis musicians but also because we want to convey their influence on subsequent performers. To do this, we have a very lengthy playlist, and I’m fairly confident that it will take us half of next week’s show to complete this segment. Here’s what we’re shooting for – wish us luck!

    Ain’t Nobody’s Business but My Own – Tennessee Ernie Ford

    Ain’t Nobody’s Business – Frank Stokes

    Ain’t Nobody’s Business (Part Two) – Frank Stokes

    Mistreatin’ Blues – Frank Stokes

    Memphis Rounder’s Blues – Frank Stokes

    I Got Mine – Frank Stokes

    I Got Mine – Ry Cooder

    Frank Stokes’ Dream – Frank Stokes

    Downtown Blues – Frank Stokes

    Judge Harsh Blues – Furry Lewis and Frank Stokes

    Casey Jones – The Grateful Dead

    Kassie Jones, Parts 1 and 2 – Furry Lewis

    Baby, That’s All Right – Furry Lewis

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