Estelle Axton and Jim Stewart of Star Records

Stax: Not as it was...

Episode 17

Episode date - August 21, 2015

How Music Changed

    To the casual observer, things at Stax appeared to be moving along just fine in 1970. Music was being released at a steady clip, and the label still enjoyed its share of hits, but if you analyzed things and looked beneath the veneer, you could see that things were not as they were.

    First of all, the old personnel were exiting like rats from a sinking ship. Major artists like Otis Redding and Sam & Dave were taken away, but the MG’s, who were the glue that held things together in the sixties, were now abandoning the ship, along with upper management like Estelle Axton. Also, the songs kept coming, but most of them lacked the contemporary magic and signature sound that originally defined Stax. Most of the songs were good, but not good enough to make a lasting impact. The label needed to change with the changing times, but the question remained as to whether they could remain relevant.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Never Be True – Carla Thomas

    2) I Have Learned to Do Without You – Mavis Staples

    3) Play the Music Toronadoes – The T.S.U. Toronadoes

    4) I Stand Accused – Issac Hayes

    5) Brand New Day – The Staple Singers

    6) Sweeter Tomorrow – Margie Joseph

    7) The Best Years of My Life – Eddie Floyd

    8) I Am Somebody – Johnnie Taylor

    9) Follow Her Rules and Regulations – The Temprees

    10) Do the Push and Pull – Rufus Thomas

    11) Love Is Plentiful – The Staple Singers

    12) Got It Together – Rudy Robinson & the Hungry Five

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