The Carter Family - Will The Circle Be Unbroken

The Carter Family: Can the Circle Be Unbroken?

Episode 4

Episode date - March 13, 2015

How Music Changed

    “City Folk” may have considered themselves more sophisticated and experienced than presumed ‘backwoods rubes’ like the Carter Family, but the truth is that the Carters had more real-life experience than most, and were more well-traveled than just about anyone.

    As for real-life experiences, their country charm did not make them invulnerable to pains of the heart, and their lifestyle in fact certainly played a role in increasing their vulnerability. The ghostly sense of mortality and the pains of love seep through just about every track, and it spine chilling to recognize that this was not mere showmanship, but rather an honest expression of their own experiences. A.P. and Sara, husband and wife, along with cousin Maybelle, went through their lives with a serious stoic nature, keeping their innermost emotions well concealed from the public eye, but their fans heard through the notes and felt the human nature that gave each of their songs such power along with a deep sense of dignity.

    Part four in our series covers the time in the family’s career when the emotional weight that each of them held deep inside began to show through.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Picture on the Wall

    2) Tell Me That You Love Me

    3) I Will Never Marry

    4) Gold Watch and Chain

    5) Can the Circle Be Unbroken

    6) It’ll Aggravate Your Soul

    7) Hello Stranger

    8) I’m Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes

    9) One Little Word

    10) Funny When You Feel That Way

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