The Carter Family

The Carter Family: Discovery

Episode 2

Episode date - February 27, 2015

How Music Changed

    Our second show in this series dedicated to the legacy of the Carter Family covers the year 1928, when Ralph Peer discovered them. At first Peer was hesitant to release ‘mountain music’ that featured a woman singer, but once he decided to cast fate to the wind, the lives of all involved would be changed forever.

    This show covers some of the Carter’s most loved early recordings, including;

    1) The Storms Are on the Ocean

    2) Single Girl Married Girl

    3) Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone

    4) Little Darling Pal of Mine

    5) Keep on the Sunny Side

    6) I Ain’t Goin’ to Work Tomorrow

    7) John Hardy Was a Desperate Man

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