The Rolling Stones - VooDoo Lounge

The Rolling Stones: Voodoo Lounge

Episode 42

Episode date - June 27, 2014

How Music Changed

    Against all odds and expectations, the Rolling Stones continued to roll on through the nineties. Although “Steel Wheels” was seen as a comeback album for the band, they immediately withdrew for another four years, recording solo albums and embarking on numerous side projects.

    From the outside, it seemed like Mick and Keith looked at reuniting for a new record with about as much enthusiasm as a trip to the oral surgeon. “Voodoo Lounge” was a good record, but despite Mick Jagger’s best intentions, the times were changing and the Stones had to face the fact that they were no longer setting the trends.

    Their singles sales were abysmal for this album, but the album itself sold exceptionally well, and their ticket sales were through the roof. The Stones, by virtue of surviving, had become the living arbiters of classic rock.

    Selected songs for this show include;

    1) Highwire

    2) Sex Drive

    3) Love Is Strong

    4) The Storm

    5) You Got Me Rocking

    6) Sparks Will Fly

    7) Out of Tears

    8) I Go Wild

    9) Mean Disposition

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