Pete Townsend - Chinese Eyes

The Who: Chinese Eyes

Episode 40

Episode date - July 5, 2019

How Music Changed

    By 1982, I had just about given up entirely on The Who. Two back-to-back bad to middling albums in the middle of the punk revolution did nothing to awaken my mid-‘70s love of the band, and my interest waned to a point where I started to resent their alleged irrelevance.

    At the same time, Pete Townshend established a solo career that felt infinitely more relevant to the times, and due to personal circumstances, infinitely more relatable to me. At a time when my own personal life was in turmoil, Townshend wrote songs that documented his own turmoil, particularly in regard to alcohol and marriage, and I felt every word as if I were Roberta Flack. He killed me softly, and as a result I related to the best songs on “Chinese Eyes” as if they were the saddest anthems ever recorded.

    Featured tracks include:

    Stop Hurting People

    The Sea Refuses No River


    Face Dances, Pt. 2


    Stardom in Action

    North Country Girl

    Somebody Saved Me

    Slit Skirts

    Ascension Two

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