Too Late the Hero – John Entwistle

The Who: Splintering

Episode 38

Episode date - June 23, 2019

How Music Changed

    At the dawn of the ‘80s, the Who struggled to remain as vital as they could, although it was not easy – punk rock had usurped most of the relevance from the ‘classic rock’ bands, and the loss of Keith Moon left the permanent impression that things could never really be the same.

    In addition, Pete, Roger and John were placing much more emphasis on their solo careers, which further diluted the strength of the band’s image. From all sides, it was a rocky era for The Who, only made worse when tragedy struck in Cincinnati. Undoubtedly, the band was splintering.

    Featured tracks include:

    Gonna Get Ya

    Dancing Master – John Entwistle

    Baba O’Riley (live)



    Greyhound Girl

    Bitter and Twisted – Roger Daltrey

    Without Your Love – Roger Daltrey

    McVicar – Roger Daltrey

    Peppermint Lump – Angie

    Too Late the Hero – John Entwistle

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