Michael Koppy - Words and Music

Michael Koppy: Words and Music Into the Future

A Conversation with the Author

Episode date - December 4, 2019


    A few weeks ago, a friend of mine mentioned a book written by Michael Koppy that he thought would interest me. Koppy’s book is called “Words and Music Into the Future – A Songwriting Treatise and Manifesto”.

    The book obsessively collects and analyzes various aspects of contemporary music – notably, what is wrong with it and how it can be fixed. To call it provocative is an understatement, but Koppy’s arguments are well informed and well structured, forcing the reader to look harder at the music that all of us have been accepting into our lives.

    With this show, Koppy extrapolates on the ideas presented in his book, resulting in some interesting banter regarding specific songs and songwriting in general. I think just about any music fan will find the conversation interesting, and songwriters in particular may well wish to take heed of his opinions.

    I hope you enjoy the conversation.