The Beatles - Let It Be

The Beatles: Let It Be

Album #96 - May 1970

Episode date - December 26, 2018

The Top 500 of The Top 40

    By the time that “Let It Be” hit the streets, the world had already been told about the band’s break-up, which rendered the album a bittersweet souvenir before we’d even heard it (although a few of the songs appeared as singles beforehand).

    Pretty much everything about “Let It Be” is an anomaly. It is the last album of new material released by the band, but it was not the last album that they recorded. It has been released in two differing versions, and yet neither of them feels ‘definitive’. It is a soundtrack album for a film that does not contain many of the film’s performances, or vice versa. It is the only Beatles album of new, original material to suffer the indignity of going out of print for a while, and it is also the band’s only studio effort not produced by George Martin.

    Despite all of this, it’s still a Beatles album, full of excellent songs and performances. To discuss the album, we asked our friend, author Steve Matteo, to join us in the studio.

    Featured tracks include;

    Two of Us

    Dig a Pony

    Across the Universe

    I Me Mine

    Dig It

    Let It Be

    Maggie May

    I’ve Got a Feeling

    One After 909

    The Long and Winding Road

    For You Blue

    Get Back

    May 1970 - Billboard Charted #1

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