The Capeman - Paul Simon

Simon & Garfunkel: The Capeman

Episode 15

Episode date - May 6, 2016

How Music Changed

    When Paul Simon’s “The Capeman” was released, most of the public already knew something about the project.

    Advance press had conjured loads of negative stories about Simon’s trouble on Broadway, and over time, it seemed as though the show was destined to fail, regardless of whether it was deserved or not. I genuinely liked the album (although I found it shocking to hear Simon casually drop ‘f’ bombs all over the place) and I thought his ability to tell a story within song was incredibly concise and focused. I mean, compared to “Tommy”, this was stunningly literate, but it seemed hard to dent that certain forces were at work to prevent the musical’s success.

    The New York theater crowd is much more close-knit and clique-y than most people acknowledge, and there was certainly resentment that a rock and roll outsider would use ‘their’ medium for his own purpose. Simon was plainly ambitious and a hard worker, and he wrote excellent material, but the Broadway connection caused the project to become misinterpreted by the public, and it blackened the reputation of what was, in the clear light of day, an excellent work or art.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Kodachrome (from Concert in the Park)

    2) Born at the Right Time (from Concert in the Park)

    3) Adios Hermanos

    4) Born in Puerto Rico

    5) Satin Summer Nights

    6) Bernadette

    7) Quality

    8) Can I Forgive Him?

    9) Killer Wants to Go to College 1

    10) Time Is an Ocean

    11) Trailways Bus

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