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Episode 17

Episode date - May 20, 2016

How Music Changed

    With this show, yet another segment of “How Music Changed” comes to its conclusion. Of course, life goes on for Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel – in fact, Simon has a new album due for release on June 3.

    It will be interesting to see if he remains on the path of previous releases, which displayed less of a propensity to please the masses, instead pursuing musical forms and lyrical themes that were less commercial and more personal in nature. Garfunkel’s situation appears to be a bit touchier, as he is fighting vocal problems that caused him to cancel tour dates a few years ago. It appears that he will be scaling back on his live endeavors, but only time will tell.

    Meanwhile, this episode takes as close to the present as we can go. Featured tracks include (Simon unless indicated otherwise);

    1) The Thread (Garfunkel)

    2) Perfect Moment (Garfunkel)

    3) Outrageous

    4) Beautiful

    5) Once Upon a Time There Was an Ocean

    6) Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Garfunkel)

    7) The Afterlife

    8) Rewrite

    9) Love Is the Eternal Sacred Light

    10) Wrist Band

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