The Bee Gees Studio Albums 1967-1968

Bee Gees

The Studio Albums 1967-1968

Episode date - November 14, 2006

For rather obvious reasons, not least of which was the incredible impact of the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ soundtrack album, most music fans associate the Bee Gees with their falsetto-based disco period. If that era covers most people’s extent of familiarity with this band, then these same people will probably find this box set to be somewhat perplexing.

Freddie King - Albert King - Earl King
How Music Changed

We Three Kings - Albert, Earl & Freddie King

Episode 1

Episode date - October 20, 2006

When blues enthusiasts mention the ‘three Kings of the blues,” they are usually referring to Albert, Freddie, and B.B. King. For our purposes, though, we need to realign that way of thinking. Considering his longevity and the seismic impact of his presence, B.B. stands alone above all other blues guitarists; he is a king of Kings, so to speak...