Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra

Early Big Bands: Pre-Big Band Artists

Episode 3

Episode date - July 22, 2011

How Music Changed

    It’s a shame to see how many names from the pre-big band era have become obscure or disappeared entirely, especially as so much of this music still sounds vital. Vincent Lopez, Ben Pollack and Red Nicholls were big stars in their day, and sold millions of records, yet very few remember their contributions.

    In this show, we attempt to right that to some extent, by featuring on some of the best tracks from the pre-Big Band era.

    Songs featured include;

    1) Nola – Vincent Lopez Orchestra

    2) Deed I Do – Ben Pollack and His Orchestra

    3) Delirium – Red Nicholls & His Five Pennies

    4) Dinah – Red Nichols and His Five Pennies

    5) Davenport Blues – Red and Miff’s Stompers

    6) Feelin’ No Pain – Red and Miff’s Stompers

    7) Livery Stable Blues – Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra

    8) Hot and Anxious – The Baltimore Bell Hops

    9) The King Porter Stomp – Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra

    10) Queer Notions- Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra

    11) That Blue Eyed Baby From Memphis – Don Redman

    12) Organ Grinder’s Swing – Jimmie Lunceford

    13) Jazznocracy – Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra

    14) T’Ain’t Whatcha Do, It’s the Way That You Do It – Jimmie Lunceford

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