Funky Rubber Band (vocal) – Popcorn Wylie

Every Single Motown 'A-Side': Singles In An Album Market

Episode 63

Episode date - September 11, 2009

How Music Changed

    As we progress deeper into 1971, you can literally hear how Motown’s relevance began to taper off (with Marvin Gaye’s entry being an obvious exception).

    The label just didn’t have the juice it once had, and Berry Gordy’s focus was intensely aimed at the west coast and the movie industry, so it was no real surprise when the singles began to lose their luster, Of course, by this time, Motown was a singles label in an album market, which only made things worse. Nevertheless, the material itself wasn’t so bad, even if it was no longer topping the charts and influencing an entire generation.

    Songs from this show include;

    My Piece of Heaven – The Rustix

    Surrender – Diana Ross

    Can’t It Wait Until Tomorrow – Valerie Simpson

    Happiness – Lodi

    Mac Arthur Park, pt. II – The Four Tops

    Funky Rubber Band (vocal) – Popcorn Wylie

    I’m an Easy Rider – My Friends

    Who You Gonna Run To – Chuck Jackson

    Act Like a Shotgun – G.C. Cameron

    Walk Down the Path of Freedom – Sunday Funnies

    Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) – Marvin Gaye

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