What’s Going On? – Marvin Gaye

Every Single Motown 'A-Side': The Golden Years

Episode 58

Episode date - August 7, 2009

How Music Changed

    This show marks the start of the ‘golden years’ for a golden era, i.e., Motown’s last grasp at greatness before moving out west and losing their essence.

    The youth appeal contained in the vast majority of hits released in the 1960’s had given way to a world weary sound. The artists had matured, and they wanted their artistic expression to reflect that, but Berry Gordy wasn’t embracing the change.

    This show marks a few bittersweet signposts in the label’s history, as conveyed in the stories that accompany the following tracks;

    1) Mama’s Pearl – The Jackson 5

    2) Let’s All Save the Children – Joe Hinton

    3) Sweet Water – Brass Monkey

    4) Pet Names – Chuck Jackson

    5) Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) – The Temptations

    6) Ain’t It a Sad Thing – R. Dean Taylor

    7) What’s Going On? – Marvin Gaye

    8) Save My Love for a Rainy Day – The Undisputed Truth

    9) Don’t Pay Me No Mind – Ken Christie & the Sunday People

    10) Each Day Is a Lifetime – David Ruffin

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