We’ll Have It Made – The Spinners

Every Single Motown 'A-Side': Some More Misses

Episode 57

Episode date - July 31, 2009

How Music Changed

    This show is full of also-rans, second guesses, and recreations.

    As things worked at Motown, artists usually tried to follow up a hit with something similar and today’s offerings are chock full of the results (which were often less successful than their inspirational counterparts).

    Songs include;

    1) Stop the War Now – Edwin Starr

    2) God Bless Whoever Sent You – The Originals

    3) Born to Wander – Rare Earth

    4) Holly Holy – Jr. Walker & the All Stars

    5) Santa Claus Is Coming to Town – The Jackson 5

    6) Way Back Home – The Jazz Crusaders

    7) Remember Me – Diana Ross

    8) We’ll Have It Made – The Spinners

    9) Just Seven Numbers (Can Straighten Out My Life) – The Four Tops

    10) Maria (You Were the Only One) – Jimmy Ruffin

    11) Can’t Wait to See You – Arthur Adams

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