Piedmont Blues: Blind Boy Fuller & Barbecue Bob

Piedmont Blues: Blind Boy Fuller & Barbecue Bob

Episode 2

Episode date - June 3, 2016

How Music Changed

    With our second installment regarding the history of Piedmont Blues, we venture a bit deeper, while focusing specifically on a pair of characters who were instrumental in developing the form.

    With their best work dating from the late-twenties to the mid-thirties, Blind Boy Fuller and Barbecue Bob were contemporaries who helped to popularize the Piedmont style of playing by further defining the style as something unique from other branches of blues performers.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) When I Lie Down Last Night – Blind Joe

    2) Join the Band – John Davis and Georgia Sea Island Singers

    3) Rag, Mama, Rag – Blind Boy Fuller

    4) Baby, You Gotta Change Your Mind – Blind Boy Fuller

    5) Sweet Honey Hole – Blind Boy Fuller

    6) Somebody’s Been Playing with That Thing – Blind Boy Fuller

    7) Homesick & Lonesome Blues – Blind Boy Fuller

    8) New Prison Blues – Peg Leg Howell

    9) Barbecue Blues – Barbecue Bob

    10) Mississippi Heavy Water Blues – Barbecue Bob

    11) We Sure Got Hard Times – Barbecue Bob

    12) Blind Pig Blues – Barbecue Bob

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