Piedmont Blues: Blind Willie McTell & Rev. Gary Davis

Piedmont Blues: Blind Willie McTell & Rev. Gary Davis

Episode 4

Episode date - June 17, 2016

How Music Changed

    Few blues artists have attained the legendary status of Blind Wilie McTell and Rev. Gary Davis.

    Both have been extraordinarily influential on the direction of music, with numerous artists from subsequent generations covering their material and extolling the value of their work.

    This show explores some of the best material recorded by these two giants of the Piedmont region.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Razor Ball – Blind Willie McTell

    2) Southern Can Is Mine – Blind Willie McTell

    3) Broke Down Engine Blues- Blind Willie McTell

    4) God Don’t Like It- Blind Willie McTell

    5) Three Women Blues – Blind Willie McTell

    6) I Belong to the Band – Rev. Gary Davis

    7) I Am the True Vine – Rev. Gary Davis

    8) Time Is Drawing Near – Rev. Gary Davis

    9) Death Don’t Have No Mercy – Rev. Gary Davis

    10) Cocaine Blues – Rev. Gary Davis

    11) Hesitation Blues – Rev. Gary Davis

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