Piedmont Blues: Josh White

Piedmont Blues: A Summation

Episode 5

Episode date - June 24, 2016

How Music Changed

    This will be our final show dedicated to the music of the Piedmont, and it kind of feels like the end of a vacation.

    There was so much to discover and learn in these segments, and the music has been both joyous and entertaining. It amazes me how the Piedmont region’s music has managed to fly below the radar for so many years. I hope that these shows, in some small way, conveyed the timeless excellence and enormous influence that this region had on the subsequent development of popular music.

    1) Cocaine Blues – Rev. Gary Davis

    2) Hesitation Blues – Rev. Gary Davis

    3) Chicken – Pink Anderson

    4) I Got Mine- Pink Anderson

    5) Greenville Sheik – Josh White

    6) Freedom Road – Josh White

    7) Motherless Children – Josh White

    8) Motherless Chile Blues – Barbecue Bob

    9) Get Your Ya Yas Out – Blind Boy Fuller

    10) Step It Up and Go – Blind Boy Fuller

    11) Truckin’ M Blues Away – Blind Boy Fuller

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