Stax: Lost Direction

Stax: Lost Direction

Episode 22

Episode date - October 2, 2015

How Music Changed

    By the summer of 1972, Stax had been stretching out in so many different directions that it would have been easy to forget that their primary purpose was to record and distribute music.

    They had become a cultural symbol for Black culture, stretching into magazines, movies and anything at all that would get the word spread, but without the music, none of the other ventures would have mattered. While they were looking under every rock and crevice to establish themselves, it seemed that the music might have suffered a bit from neglect. Perhaps that might explain why there are not many hits in this episode.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Ain’t That Loving you (For More Reasons than One) – Isaac Hayes and David Porter

    2) Walking the Back Streets and Crying – Little Milton

    3) Save Us – William Bell

    4) 6-3-8 – Rufus Thomas

    5) Starting All Over Again – Mel and Tim

    6) Don’t Take My Kindness for Weakness – The Soul Children

    7) I’ll Play the Blues for You – Albert King

    8) I Dedicate My Life to You – Roger Hatcher

    9) Sugar – Carla Thomas

    10) This World – The Staple Singers

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