Stax: The End of the Road

Episode 27

Episode date - November 6, 2015

How Music Changed

    For the past few shows, we did our best to convey how Stax was starting to careen out of control, but this is the show where the wheels fall off.

    When your most famous and lucrative artists sees fit to file a law suit against you, while you are under investigation by the IRS and, simultaneously, when your distribution partner refuses to pay you and then also instigates a lawsuit, it becomes quite obvious that things can’t get much worse, while the only way to go is down and then out.

    Even worse, all of these events conspired to prevent the label from issuing commercially successful music. After this show, all that is left to do is take inventory of the bones.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) City in the Sky – The Staple Singers

    2) Title Theme from ‘Three Tough Guys’ – Isaac Hayes

    3) Eddie Floyd – Soul Street

    4) Boogie Ain’t Nuthin’ – Rufus Thomas

    5) Passing Thru – Frederick Knight

    6) Keep an Eye on Your Close Friends – The Newcomers

    7) My Main Man/ There Is a God – The Staple Singers

    8) Woman to Woman – Shirley Brown

    9) Bump Meat – Sir Mack Rice

    10) Who Made the Man – The Staple Singers

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