The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main St.

The Rolling Stones: Exile on Main St. - Part 1

Episode 28

Episode date - March 14, 2014

How Music Changed

    And so we come to yet another major turning point in the history of the Rolling Stones. Compared to how the band usually worked, the sessions for “Exile on Main Street” were a complete mess.

    They recorded in the basement of an old chateau, using one of the first portable recording rigs ever made that was parked outside in the driveway. The house was constantly overflowing with outsiders and hangers-on, while the actual bandmembers arrived when it was convenient for them. They had no actual material, so they made it up as they went along. Worst of all, since Keith Richards was living in the house, he became the ringleader and ‘organizer,’ while maintaining a ruthlessly intense heroin habit.

    It was slated to be a complete disaster, but somehow, through the smoke and distractions and chaos, music did emerge – two albums’ worth. Here is the first album from “Exile on Main Street”.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Rocks Off

    2) Rip This Joint

    3) Shake Your Hips

    4) Casino Boogie

    5) Tumbling Dice

    6) Sweet Virginia

    7) Torn and Frayed

    8) Sweet Black Angel

    9) Loving Cup

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