Black and Blue - TheRolling Stones

The Rolling Stones: Goodbye Mick T, Hello Ronnie

Episode 33

Episode date - April 25, 2014

How Music Changed

    With no warning whatsoever, Mick Taylor turned in his walking papers to the Rolling Stones. He never even provided much of a reason, but to carry on, a new guitarist was needed.

    After many an audition, it looked like the job was going to Wayne Perkins, when suddenly word got out that Ronnie Wood was making himself available. Overnight, the whole audition process (and poor Wayne Perkins’ hopes) went out the window. Ronnie became the new Rolling Stone.

    The album that resulted from all of the auditions was entitled “Black and Blue,” a messy and inconsistent record that pretty much reflected where the Stones were at in 1975.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Hot Stuff

    2) Hand of Fate

    3) Cherry oh Baby

    4) Memory Motel

    5) Hey Negrita

    6) Melody

    7) Fool to Cry

    8) Crazy Mama

    9) Around and Around (live)

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