The Who 1967

The Who: 1967

Channel 150-7

Episode date - November 16, 2018

How Music Changed

    By 1967, The Who were one of the most successful bands in the UK, rivaling The Beatles and The Rolling Stones for the public’s attention, by they still by no means had locked on to a definitive style or sound.

    Within the space of two album releases, they changed direction so often that they were surely England’s most difficult band to define. R&B was mostly well in their past by now, as was their tepid connection to Mod culture. ‘Pop’ as a style presented many interesting possibilities, and Pete embraced it as a new direction, which led him to write some of the most interesting singles of the era.

    At a time when most bands were moving away from pop and toward more ‘serious’ album projects, The Who balanced on the precipice, trying to fulfill both simultaneously. This show maps out their work in that direction, while also covering the band’s first big break in the US.

    Featured tracks include;

    Pictures of Lily

    Doctor, Doctor

    Summertime Blues (Monterey)

    My Generation (Monterey)

    Fortune Teller

    Lazy Fat People – The Barron Knights

    Join My Gang – Oscar

     (This Could Be) The Last Time

    Under My Thumb

    Bag o’Nails

    Rotosound Strings

    Track Records/Premier Drums

    Rael 2/Top Gear

    Girl’s Eyes/Odorono Excerpt

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