The High Numbers aka The Who in 1964

The Who: Youth, and a Search for Identity

Episode 1

Episode date - October 6, 2018

How Music Changed

    The Who are certainly one of the most important bands in the history of rock and roll, but they were never an easy band to understand.

    Pete Townshend’s roots in art school led him to pursue artistic theories in myriad directions, often in ways that left fans both entertained and befuddled. His ideas have become legendary, and it certainly didn’t hurt that he was supported by talented and colorful bandmates who also became legendary for reasons of their own.

    In his early years, Townshend stumbled onto the theory of “auto-destruction” as a means of identity for the Who. That was only the beginning. For Townshend, the theory behind the music was at least as important as the music itself, and we will attempt to unravel a few of his ideas as we weave our way through the complex career of The Who. Naturally, we start with the band’s early years as they search for a unique identity.

    Featured songs include;

    Baba O’Riley (orchestra)

    Tragedy (backing music)

    Hinterland Rag (Backing)

    The Gordian Knot Untied (Henry Purcell)

    It Was You – The Naturals

    Zoot Suit – The High Numbers

    Misery – The Dynamics

    I’m the Face – The High Numbers

    Got Love if You Want It – Slim Harpo

    Here ‘Tis – The High Numbers

    Leaving Here – The High Numbers


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