Charley Patton and Friends

Delta Blues: Charley Patton and Friends

Episode 4

Episode date - May 3, 2013

How Music Changed

    For our previous shows, we focused more or less exclusively on Charley Patton’s life and music. We continue our discussion on Patton, but we introduce a number of the characters that were relevant to his music at that point in time.

    For upcoming shows, we will focus a bit more deeply on these other players. For now, this show is just about the best recorded representation of the diverse musicians that were present in the pre (and post) depression Delta.

    Featured songs include;

    Green River Blues – Charley Patton

    Moon Going Down – Charley Patton

    Some Summer Day – Charley Patton

    Sittin’ On Top of the World – The Mississippi Sheiks

    M&O Blues – Willie Brown

    Make Me a Pallet on the Floor - Willie Brown

    Dry Well Blues – Charley Patton

    Dry Spell Blues, Parts 1 and 2 – Son House

    I Know My Time Ain’t Long – The Delta Big Four

    Oh Death – Charley Patton

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