Charley Patton

Delta Blues: Charley Patton and His Influences

Episode 2

Episode date - April 12, 2013

How Music Changed

    For our second show regarding the acoustic blues of the Mississippi Delta, we look a bit deeper at the life of Charley Patton, his influences and the culture that inspired him and other musicians from the region.

    We also trace a few songs to see how blues performers often utilized each other’s material to their own ends, changing the form and style in the process.

    Featured tracks include;

    Shake It and Break It – Charley Patton

    Mississippi Boll Weevil Blues – Charley Patton

    Down the Dirt Road Blues – Charley Patton

    Pony Blues – Charley Patton

    All I Want Is a Spoonful – Papa Charlie Jackson

    A Spoonful Blues – Charley Patton

    Just a Spoonful – Charley Jordan

    Booze and Blues – Ma Rainey

    Tom Rushen Blues – Charley Patton

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